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Hassan Pasha
Hassan Pasha

Hello! I'm Syed Hassan Pasha and this is my site. I am thankful to the jimdo guys for helping me set it up and showcase my work to all of you on the other side of the screen. 

I am best described as a: 

| Graphics Designer | Digital Artist | Photographer | Wanderlust |

this is just the gist of it.


Here you will find my work that i have been doing over the years, be it random clicks or work assignments, you will find it all here .

Let my navigation pane guide your way, happy viewing :-)

A sample of my photographs. I am an amateur photographer and constantly learning this trade.  I've taken photos with cell phones, point-and-shoot cameras, crop-sensor cameras and now with my full-frame camera, Canon's 5D Mark III.

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A sample of my work that i did for International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). IFES is a US based non-profit organization that works in the field of democracy and elections, www.ifes.org

I've had the pleasure of working at IFES for well over six years, i started out as a graphics designer and finished my tenure as a communications officer. 


For more click "IFES Portfolio" 

A sample of my work that i do for Theatre Wallay (TW). 

Theatre Wallay is a company consisting of amateur artists, including actors, directors, writers, graphic artists, set designers, technicians. As a group of people with a passion for theatre and literature, they organise plays, readings, workshops and other activities consistent with their goal for providing good clean theatre to Islamabad, www.theatrewallay.com

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